DJ ZU Plans a Party

It’s a Thanksgiving Homecoming Reunion with a ’70s Blast theme

Back in the 1980s, his name was “DJ Grand Electric Shock” when he used to DJ at Top Cats, Gardenia and Nowhere City. Shock was widely known then because he had a reputation for playing good music and promoting “positive events.”

Shock grew up on the Southwest side of the city. It’s an area he endearingly refers to as “One-ten.”

“It was all love back in the day when I used to live on One-ten,” he said. I had a lot of brothers and sisters, and I knew everybody in the neighborhood.” To him it was like one big family.

“That’s the way it was, everybody always enjoyed themselves because everybody knew everybody.”  Shock always tried to bring people together around that premise at his events.

That’s been a few years back, though. Shock now lives in the Washington, D.C., area and goes by the name DJ Zu.

Zu is short for his real name, which is Zulu Bey. Zulu has found the same type of niche for himself. He has been successful because he uses a formula that he believes in — when people are comfortable, listening to good music and in the company of friends and family, the effect is always positive. Zulu also knows that complimentary food and drinks help as well.

Zulu wants to bring back that “one big family” feeling for Thanksgiving. His idea is to bring everybody together to enjoy a Thanksgiving Homecoming Reunion Party. “I’m going have a ’70s blast, Zulu said. “I want the music to have an old-school feel so the people can reminisce and think about old times and just have a good time.”

The event will be held at Sophistications in downtown Syracuse. Sophistications is spacious and comfortable with a stage and cocktail lounge seating. It also has a beautiful view of Salina Street. It is located at 441 S. Salina St., inside the Galleries of Syracuse Mall.

Tina Hills, who co-owns Sophistications with her husband, Kenyatta, welcomes Zulu’s idea.

“Zu has done this event with us in the past, and it has been very successful,” Tina said. “I’ve always known him to try to do positive things.”

Tina said she expects this to be a good one. “We’re looking forward to having a good crowd and a nice evening,”

Zulu has invited two popular bands that are proficient with the ’70s era and the legendary DJ Cole to perform.

The event is planned to have a mellow opening beginning at 7 p.m. with a blend of ’70s classics played by DJ Cole. At 8 p.m., Trump Tight 315 will take the stage. They are going to perform a blend of “grown and sexy,” said Eric Jones, who is the lead singer for the band.  “Most of our music is older music anyway,” he said. “We just do it with a twist. We are going to learn a few more for the show.”

Brenda Jones, who works in a shop next door to Trump Tight 315’s rehearsal hall, said, “They just sound so good. When we’re working in the shop, and they’re rehearsing, we just turn our music off and listen to them. The customers like them too. Oh, they are just so good.”

Trump Tight’s lineup consists of Terrance Robinson, bass; Jamar Lacey, drums; Bernie Wilford, keyboards; Donnie Clarke, guitar; Eric Jones, vocals and Belinda Allen, vocals.

After Trump Tight’s performance, the Soft Spoken Band will take the stage. The SSB is going to put up a big production. They will have a full sound system and an LED light show for effect. The production will be used for both bands.

Miles Tucker, 28, plays saxophone with the SSB. “We are going to “replay” the ’70s,” he said. Miles is a virtuoso saxophonist and will be driving in from Buffalo to perform with the show.

“I feel that although many of the ’70s musicians didn’t bring it with really high technical skills, they always brought it with so much soul every night,” Miles said. “That’s why the music is still so good. I believe Soft Spoken is going to bring up the intensity with some old-school soul and new-school skills.”

Members of the SSB are: Robert Brown, keyboards, trombone and musical director; Benjain Terry, drums; Miles Tucker, saxophone; Reggie Seigler, bass and founder; Donna Alford, singer. And sitting in for the night with the SSB will be Glen McArthur on guitar.

The DJs will take over the night with an after party that will run from 11 p.m until 3 a.m. There will be complimentary food and drinks.

Bring the family. Let’s bring back peace and love.

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