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How to submit ideas, stories and announcements

The Stand wants to be the destination for South Side news. We want this Web site – and our future print publication – to be where people go to find out what to do each weekend, what local businesses and popular programs are up to and what local residents are involved in.

But to better share these stories, it helps to hear them from you. We invite all residents to submit their own stories and offer several ways to do this.

Take the Initiative

First you can sit down, pick up a pen and write. Next e-mail your write up, stop by the office to drop it off, stick it in an envelope and snail mail it or bring it by during an upcoming workshop. We’d love to read it. Be sure you include your contact information – an e-mail and phone number and a bit about yourself.

What if you just want to announce an upcoming event?

Then, e-mail me, drop off a flier or call me with the details.

These important details include but are not limited to:

  • Name of your event
  • What time and date it is taking place
  • Where it is happening with the full address
  • Who can attend
  • Cost
  • Short description of the event
  • Any sponsors
  • And a contact person for people to get in touch with if they need more details – a phone number or e-mail

Some events may also need to include:

  • Deadlines – if attendees must register by a certain date, please include this important detail
  • You may also want to include the groups’ Web site so people can find out more about the group/organization/church/biz, etc.
  • Any special requirements: maybe there is a limit to how many people can attend

Make a Video Announcement

You can also share your event news by stopping by one of our computer stations and making a short video (or sending me a link to a video you have made). It is best to follow the above suggestions to format your announcement: What, When, Where, Who, Cost, Short description and Contact information. For technological instructions on making the video, see the notebook with instructions at each computer location.

For an example of an event announcement, watch this YouTube video about a past  South Side event.

PR Welcome

Press releases can be sent in to

Send press releases as attachments (doc, docx, simple text and pdf files preferred).

Take a Picture

Pictures can be sent over through e-mail (please limit three attached jpg images per e-mail). Pictures can also be burned onto a CD or uploaded to a site to be previewed.

Proper identification of each individual must go with the photo. We’ll also need a short sentence that explains what is going on in the photo.

Please double check spelling of names and list those in the photo from left to right. Also, include your contact information so we can reach you if there are any questions/concerns.

Other Options

The Stand is also interested in Letters to the Editor, guest columnists and very open to other ideas. E-mail works best, but you can also mail items to:

The Stand
South Side Innovation Center
2610 S. Salina St.
Syracuse, NY 13205

Lastly, video stories can be made, such as this coverage of Mary Nelson’s Youth Day Barbecue.

Send me any questions or ideas you may have.

— The Director’s Blog is written by Ashley Hanry, Director of The South Side Newspaper Project and Editor of The Stand

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