Preview Documentry 'A City’s Fight for Peace'

Several made it out to the Friday evening showing of the “Faith and Hope Documentary: A City’s Fight for Peace,” which previewed at Sophistications Cafe in downtown Syracuse.

The screening opened with readings of poetry about youth lost to street violence followed by a musical performance.

The documentary focused on how violence and drugs dominates in our city due to young males influence by the streets, desire for money and the appeal of hip hop culture.

Faith & Hope Documentary Preview from Patrick House on Vimeo.

According to the the producers, 3rdi Productions and Evoke Change Inc., the Syracuse community is decaying at an alarming rate: crack in the ’80s, heroin in the ’90s, and in 2010, “water,” also known as embalming fluid soaked cigarettes laced with PCP.

The film focused on what action is currently being taken to dissuade youth from violence and drugs. The founders of Faith Hope Community Center, a grassroots Community Center that promotes boxing as an alternative to the streets, shared how their center provides a safe haven for local youth. Also Helen Hudson, the founder of Mothers Against Gun Violence, and a representative from On Point for College and educators based at Syracuse City jails spoke about the need for more awareness and education. One great concern now is the drug water and its effect on those who smoke it. Hudson spoke candidly about the effects it had on her son and that more parents should be concerned that their children could be using it, too.

Because there is a lack of father figures in many of these young men’s lives, one interview subject in the film states, many have never been told they do anything well or have been encouraged to pursue an education. According to the creators of “A City’s Fight for Peace,” the goal of this documentary is to educate local youth about alternatives to gangs and the street. I believe this short film by Newhouse student Patrick House, which began as a class assignment, did just that because it reached several in the community and helped to bring about greater awareness.

To learn more contact: Patrick House ( and Victoria R. Coit (EvokeChange@Gmail.Com)

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