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Meetings and workshops …

This has been my entire week. I’ve been driving from the South Side Innovation Center to the Syracuse University campus nearly every day.

But all this running around is a good thing. I’ve been up on the hill to chat with Newhouse Prof. Bob Lloyd and meet with two of his students who will be covering the South Side this semester. I’ve been here at the SSIC for this month’s first workshop offering on How to Tell a Video Story. We had eight attendees Tuesday evening and had three take flip cameras home to finish telling a story they started during class. We’re excited to see what they turn in and to share these pieces with the community. I want to thank Brad Horn, a master’s student from Newhouse, for leading this workshop. The next offering of How to Tell a Video Story will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 26, by Newhouse Prof. Peter Moller.

This week I’ve also heard with another professor, Natalie Gingerich, who will have two students covering the South Side. Both students have already visited the area and talked with people.

This is exciting because we currently have five dedicated student reporters available. And we may have more students take on the South Side beat and have additional students interested in working with the project also. If you have story ideas for them, pass them along by contacting me at aehanry@syr.edu or calling the office at (315) 443-8664.

Also in the works is a special presentation to be held on a future Saturday for all interested in donating funds to keep this project moving forward. We’ll be holding our first meeting today to generate ideas and a plan. If you’d like to know more about this, again contact me.

Things are moving along. To keep updated on what’s happening behind the scenes be sure to keep checking this blog.

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