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Backing Business

South Salina Street is being rebuilt as South Side’s financial hub City officials, including Common Councilor Khalid Bey, want to see Syracuse develop a business corridor on South Salina Street. Bey, who represents the council’s 4th District, said he believes that the growth of small businesses along the street would boost Syracuse’s tax base, as South Side residents spend their ... Read More »

Finishing On Top

Corcoran High School seniors reflect on a successful four years Graduation is only a semester away, and the following six Corcoran High School students are on their way to graduating at the top of their class with full International Baccalaureate diplomas. They talk about what has inspired them during high school, and share their plans for the future. Read More »

Prosecutor and Role Model Strives to Achieve Her Dreams

Despite two unsuccessful campaigns for city judge, Romana Lavalas remains determined After she graduated from Syracuse University’s College of Law in 1999, Romana Lavalas decided to enter the real world. She said she didn’t care to go back to her parents’ home in Rockland County. But she didn’t have family members in Syracuse to hold her to the city, either. ... Read More »

People Come First

Revamped Citizen Review Board helps residents address misconduct with police department Did you know the police department has a “customer satisfaction survey?” This questionnaire takes an unconventional approach by asking those who have been arrested to assess their experience with police officers. Police Chief Frank Fowler says it provides insight on how his department can become better. “Any findings are ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor

I am all for advancement for the South Side of Syracuse. I am tired of my side of town being known as a war zone and a drug market. I had concerns about a chess/ amphitheater park being built adjacent to my house. So far those in charge of the park have assured me that they are doing the best ... Read More »

Current Issue

Our February print issue features an in-depth look at the city’s Citizen Review Board and spotlights on the top six students at Corcoran High School. The issue also features updates about the vision that Common Councilor Khalid Bey and other city officials have to turn South Salina Street into a hub for small businesses and how the Rescue Mission’s Thrifty ... Read More »

One-Man Show Expounds in Poetry

Omanii Abdullahn stages ‘Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This’ The lights dim as the survivors of Syracuse’s sub-zero winter blast trickle into Jazz Central. A seemingly hesitant Omanii Abdullah opens up to a small but eager premiere audience with warm and disarming conversational humor. “This Is Gonna Hurt Me a Whole Lot More’n It Hurts You,” he begins. The ... Read More »

No Place Like Home

Syracuse Housing Authority to celebrate 75th anniversary When Wylene Bass first moved into Pioneer Homes with her family more 50 years ago, it was more than just good service that attracted her: It was the way people treated her. After growing up in Edison, Ga., where overt racism was still a fact of life, she was shocked to find a ... Read More »

Eat To Live Food Co-Op Closes Its Doors

Co-Op Board shuts down grocery store to restructure Less than three months after opening, the Eat to Live Food Cooperative has closed in order to restructure and hire a new general manager. The 3,000-square-foot grocery store closed after the Dec. 17, 2013, annual membership meeting. Read More »

Thrifty Shopper Stores Undergo Redeisgns

Success of thrift store 3fifteen helps fund, inspire Rescue Mission’s other services The Rescue Mission is updating its Thrifty Shopper stores in Central New York, replacing tight aisles and overstuffed racks with floor layouts similar to department stores. Thrifty Shopper stores in Auburn, Cicero, East Syracuse and North Syracuse already sport the new look, said Charles Chappell, the Rescue Mission’s ... Read More »