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Review of 'Hoodwinked'

Janks Morton’s documentary “Hoodwinked” starts out with a bang: black and white footage showing a fiery speech from Nation of Islam minister Malcolm X in which he responds to accusations that Elijah Muhammad, the Nation of Islam leader, was promoting hate. The flick was part of a free double feature screening that took place at the corner of South Salina ... Read More »

Community Leader and Business Owner is Mother Figure to All

Gwendolyn Fagan was going to church one day when she passed a little boy, about 4 or so, sitting out front and munching on a snack. Fagan knew his grandmother from church, though the youngster didn’t know her. She watched as he tossed the scraps of his snack on the ground. “I said, ‘Get that watermelon up.’ First thing he ... Read More »

'Prince of Pan-Africanism' Speaks at Dunbar

Dr. Umar Johnson suggested that the American Psychiatric Association’s “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” has it all wrong when it describes the acronym ADHD as standing for “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.” Instead, Johnson proposed that ADHD really means “ain’t dad at home disorder” or “ain’t discipline at home disorder.” He told his audience that the real cause of ... Read More »

National Competition Awards Syracuse 100 Black Men Chapter $4,000

For most, the look was definitely out of character. Their once clean-shaven faces would go untouched by a razor or shaver for up to two weeks. Now, the members of 100 Black Men of Syracuse, Inc. participating in a national competition funded by Anheuser-Busch can see their efforts paid off. They recently learned the chapter, one of 118 worldwide affiliated ... Read More »

Annual Photo Walk Set for July 13

The Stand’s Fourth annual Photo Walk will begin at 10 a.m. Saturday, July 13, at the South Side Innovation Center, 2610 South Salina St. (across from Dunk & Bright). Event will open with a photo lesson taught by photo instructor and former director of photography for The Post-Standard Nick Lisi. Read More »

Partnership for Onondaga Creek Meets, Seeks New Board Members

In Syracuse there is local food, where “the total distance that the product is transported is less than 400 miles from the origin of the product,” according to the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act as amended by Congress in 2008. Then there is uber-local food, where the distance is reduced to no more than 10 miles, according to “Productive ... Read More »

From Newsroom to Classroom

Media teacher Nick Lisi shares his photo experience & will lead The Stand’s Photo Walk Nick Lisi seems to have adapted to his first year in high school faster than most “freshmen.” Maybe it’s the quarter-century he spent previously as a professional photographer at The Post-Standard, just a few blocks away, or his own experience being around other kids. His ... Read More »

South Side Achiever

Xi Chapter of Lambda Kappa Mu strives to serve the community “It is well-organized and supports the community. It lets people get involved with the community and stay involved,” said Ruby Beal about Lambda Kappa Mu Sorority, a 68-year-old “sister”, who has been involved for 30 years. Lambda Kappa Mu Sorority is a national organization for business and professional women, ... Read More »

Review of 'Macbeth'

South Side residents had a chance to be treated to a spectacle whose first performance, in the early 17th century, was held at Hampton Court Palace in the presence of King James I of England and King Christian IV of Denmark, according to history scholars. On June 22, theater lovers converged to the Atonement Lutheran Church at 116 W. Glen ... Read More »

Corcoran Graduates: "The Fighters" Who Made It

Thomas J. Corcoran High School graduated over 200 students at the Civic Center Thursday, June 20. The class speakers delivered big in spirit and speeches regarding their cohorts abilities to perform better in athletics, arts and academics. Corcoran students reminded each other of their contributions to the district’s successes. Three of the top academic averages on the districts combined volleyball ... Read More »