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Time for Love

Three Syracuse couples share their stories and give tips on how to keep a marriage going strong Read More »


Having a Relationship with a Cigarette With you In you I am yours I am you                                                                                       What’s so sad is Oh, How I love the way                                               I’ll be there for you You cough                                                                    Even when you’re gone And my name comes out                                                                                                                              I am you At times                                                                        I will be you I can be too much                                                    At times ... Read More »

Model Mentorship

Intervention program receives funding to expand after-school offerings Would you still get to school on time, if you had to walk through a war zone? Students living on Syracuse’s South Side have seen peers killed in the blocks between a bus stop and a front porch. They turn each corner, never knowing if it will be their last. In 2017, ... Read More »

Q&A with Father Theodore “Tedd” Perry

Nominated by his wife Annaliese Perry Q: What did it feel like when you became a father? A. I would have to describe that feeling as being excited but scared, not knowing whether I was going to have a boy or a girl at the time, but knowing that I was going to be a father … and knowing that ... Read More »

Planning Ahead

Church Safety and Security Summit organized to prepare local congregants in case of attack Read More »

State of the City

Mayor to focus on neighborhood and economic development for Syracuse’s future Read More »

Should You Skip the Census?

Hard as this might be to believe, the U.S. Census was once as controversial as counting sheep. Injustices such as excluding former slaves and “Indians not taxed” were behind us. The census evolved into a routine act of civic maintenance, the equivalent of changing the oil in our democracy every 10 years.“The plan,” the U.S. Census Bureau explains on its ... Read More »

Running on Fumes

Drive-thru Dunkin’ would have to relocate when I-81 viaduct comes down There’s a glimmer of hope for the popular Dunkin’ double drive-thru at Almond and Water streets. But here’s the catch. Once the I-81 overpass comes down, assuming it does, the store might stand somewhere else. “They told us they can just pick it up and move it someplace else,” ... Read More »

Winter Issue

This issue features six pages on I-81, starting with a historical look at eminent domain and its impact on the Garland Brothers Funeral Home. Next, South Side resident Julius Lawrence shares a poem, and members of groups set to be directly affected by the highway’s future contribute three letters. And, The Stand’s columnist Jeff Kramer visits the drive-thru Dunkin’ built ... Read More »

CNY Triathlon Club Relocates

After eviction from ShoppingTown Mall, club finds home for winter training in Dunk & Bright’s basement A low-cost indoor cycling experience has arrived on the South Side just in time to help vaporize extra holiday calories and spin away the winter blahs. Dunk & Bright Furniture on South Salina Street became home to more than home furnishings in November after ... Read More »