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Q&A with Deyquan Bowens

Nominated by fellow musician Reggie Seigler, band leader of Soft Spoken Band and The Stand’s music columnist Q: What did it feel like when you first became a father? A: I felt like I suddenly had to become an adult. I wasn’t just living for myself anymore. I had a responsibility to take care of another human being. It’s a ... Read More »

Former Gang Member Promotes Cease-Fire

Balloon release allows families to remember those lost to violence A former V-NOT gang member is attempting to put an end to neighborhood violence — despite the fact that he is locked up in federal prison. Habakkuk Nickens, 30, is serving a 20-year prison sentence in Federal Correctional Institution, Ray Brook, in upstate New York. A jury convicted Nickens for ... Read More »

Finding Purpose

We Rise Above the Streets distributes needed meals to homeless Read More »

Current Issue

Many thanks to 100 Black Men of Syracuse, Inc., this month’s fiscal sponsor. This local organization is committed to the intellectual development of youth and the economic empowerment of the African-American community. Plan to join them Sept. 17 for their annual Winston Gaskin Community Walk for Wellness held this year at the Creekwalk and in November for their annual banquet ... Read More »

Home for Vets

How a ‘tiny home’ can do a lot of good for Syracuse’s homeless As an obstetrician, Dr. Kris Kratzert typically cuts umbilical cords, giving life and freedom to newborns. But on a hot morning in July, she stood before a large crowd and initiated a different kind of freedom. “Today by cutting this ribbon, we give new life to men ... Read More »

Citizen Oversight

New administrator joins Syracuse’s Citizen Review Board His elevator pitch to Syracuse residents reads like a script for a radio commercial: Are you concerned about police misconduct? Have you heard about the Citizen Review Board? Have you had an experience with an officer that you feel is unjust? Have you heard about the Citizen Review Board? The new CRB administrator ... Read More »

Phase II Creekwalk Meeting Discusses Two Alternatives

On July 30, Phyllis Moore went to the Rescue Mission soup kitchen, located among its three homeless shelters, to serve a lunch consisting of hot dogs, sliced potato bread, bags of potato chips and cupcakes. She was joined by six other members of the West Onondaga Street Alliance (WOSA) community outreach crew, all of whom were sporting white T-shirts, emblazoned with the alliance’s motto “Building Our Neighborhood, One Block At ... Read More »

Final Five-Year Planning Meeting Held

South Side neighbors unite to plan for future A self-described California girl, a man who works in Albany, a woman from Oregon who said she lives in the Valley, a French-Canadian male, and an Argentinian female were among those crafting a five-year neighborhood plan for Syracuse’s South Side on July 25. Camille Coakley, the facilitator of the third and final ... Read More »