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Phase II Creekwalk Meeting Discusses Two Alternatives

On July 30, Phyllis Moore went to the Rescue Mission soup kitchen, located among its three homeless shelters, to serve a lunch consisting of hot dogs, sliced potato bread, bags of potato chips and cupcakes. She was joined by six other members of the West Onondaga Street Alliance (WOSA) community outreach crew, all of whom were sporting white T-shirts, emblazoned with the alliance’s motto “Building Our Neighborhood, One Block At ... Read More »

Final Five-Year Planning Meeting Held

South Side neighbors unite to plan for future A self-described California girl, a man who works in Albany, a woman from Oregon who said she lives in the Valley, a French-Canadian male, and an Argentinian female were among those crafting a five-year neighborhood plan for Syracuse’s South Side on July 25. Camille Coakley, the facilitator of the third and final ... Read More »

Afternoon Shooting Concerns Staff at Youth Center

Jamar Bachus, who was shot Monday evening, visited the Central Village Boys & Girls Club earlier that same day. He wanted to see how much the center had changed since his time there as a boy. Nina Mattison, who has worked at the center for the last three years also worked there in her teens. Back then, she says she ... Read More »

Mayor Acknowledges Institutional Racism in Address

Mayor Stephanie Miner, Syracuse, Skiddy Park

Celebration of Unity helped residents reflect on Father’s Day chaos On June 26, like every Sunday since moving to Syracuse from the Midwest last August, Andrew Lynch, a Jesuit Volunteer Corps member, went from his residence in Berrigan House to St. Lucy’s Church for Mass. He plopped into his favorite pew. Then he listened attentively to the homily delivered by the Rev. Jim Mathews, ... Read More »

TNT’s Second Planning Meeting

Neighbors collaborate to develop five-year plan The 2016 State of the City Address given by Mayor Stephanie Miner highlighted “the racial and ethnic lines upon which the scourge of poverty is felt,” citing that 65 percent of African-Americans in Syracuse “live in areas of extreme poverty” such as its South Side. She added, “On the far end of the poverty ... Read More »

Community Continues to Unite

To better understand how neighborhood violence impacts youth, Syracuse therapists met with Clifford Ryans, creator of OGs Against Violence, June 24 to learn about his on-the-ground anti-violence campaign and how they can help. Their meeting followed the tragic shooting June 19 during an annual Father’s Day cookout where one man was shot and killed and two others were injured on ... Read More »

Where Do We Go From Here?

Community reacts to Sunday night’s violence While the community reels as facts continue to come to light, one sentiment is widely felt: what we’ve been doing is not working. Change is needed. Speaking to various community leaders and residents, The Stand sought to see how residents can best process recent events. When gunfire broke out after 11 p.m. Sunday at an annual ... Read More »