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Conectando Dos Culturas

Nacida en Puerto Rico, Tere Paniagua ha echado raíces en Syracuse mientras que continúa a conectar  la comunidad Latino de la Universidad de Syracuse y la ciudad. Editor’s Note: An English version of this article can be found here. Escrita por: Tania Ortiz Tere Paniagua creía que dejó el invierno atrás cuando se graduó de la Universidad de Syracuse en ... Read More »

Connecting Two Cultures

Born in Puerto Rico, Tere Paniagua has put down roots in Syracuse while working to bridge the Latino communities in Syracuse and on the SU campus.  Nota del editor: Para leer una versión en español de este artículo, haga clic aquí. By Tania Ortiz Tere Paniagua thought she had left winter behind when she graduated Syracuse University in 1982. “That ... Read More »

Prioritizing Early Childhood

Affordable childcare, YMCA center and playspace all included in potential Syracuse Children Rising Center Read More »


Arcènia Notilija Vilanculo

Help the Syracuse Urban Food Forest Project decide what to plant this year at 4 p.m. meeting Thursday, Feb. 2, at the Dunbar Center on the city’s South Side By Arcènia Notilija Vilanculo Guest Column for The Stand There is a saying in Portuguese that goes, “para ser imortal, plante uma árvore, escreva um livro e tenha um filho,” which ... Read More »

Monitoring blood pressure at home can be tricky. Here’s how to do it right.

By Michael Merschel, American Heart Association News Knowing your blood pressure is a basic part of good health. After all, high blood pressure increases your risk for heart disease and stroke. Black Americans are also more likely to have high blood pressure, making it all the more important that they take action. Doctors recommend that adults regularly check their blood-pressure ... Read More »

Voting ‘Yes’ When They Wanted a ‘No’

lead poisoning trends

Charles Garland says he has fielded many angry calls from South Side residents since voting ‘yes’ on the aquarium project. But he stands by the vote, saying it will best serve the neighborhood in the long-run. By April Santana  Albert Tubbert knew from the start that the aquarium proposal would pass. That didn’t stop him from taking time off from ... Read More »

Children Before Fish

Dozens protest the decision to invest in an aquarium while so many in Syracuse live in poverty By April Santana South Side resident Ida Stewart knows how she would spend the county’s $85 million surplus: Health care for seniors and children, food security, housing, and on the fight against lead poisoning, for starters. Not on her list? An aquarium for ... Read More »

South Side Helps Set Registration Record

By Eleanor Quarles More people in Onondaga County can vote in Tuesday’s election than in any election in history. The Board of Elections says 308,296 county residents are registered to vote, the most ever. That includes new voters who have registered since the 2016 election, as well as voters who were already on the rolls. The previous record was about ... Read More »

Center Adds Giveaways During Pandemic

Sankofa volunteers with boxes of food to give away.

By Sydney Bergan Brittany Taylor picks up a donation of bread from Panera before heading to 2323 S. Salina St. She enters, puts down the bread and starts to sanitize the inside of an airy, open space as light streams in from the large store-front window. She readies a pile of paper engagement surveys and opens the door. Welcome to ... Read More »