Group Prosperity Through Networking

Tuesday, Nov. 30, Syracuse Housing Authority hosted its first Section 3 Networking Reception. The event was held at the South Side Innovation Center in Syracuse. The main goal of the evening was to bring various minority contractors together in order to create familiarity and exchange business specialties. In this sharing, it is hoped that minority contractors will begin to acquire and promote the qualifications needed to secure federal and state construction contracts.

Among those in attendance were leaders and board members of the DBE (Disadvantage Business Enterprise), MWBE (Minority and Women Business Enterprise) and more. The night focused on Section 3 Certification. This particular certification benefits a contractor by providing employment/training and contracting opportunities, builds business capabilities and helps to create business relationships which are so pivotal in securing large-scale projects.

Ed Wilson speaks to attendees on Nov. 30 at the South Side Innovation Center.

Guest speaker Ed Wilson said “we are in the middle of a culture change. We’re basically turning something up-side down on its head that’s existed for about 25-30 years. It’s a culture between our minority businesses and organizations that we’re trying to do business with.”

The attendees were rapt with attention and focus as guest speakers took the podium to lay out a blueprint for success in acquiring contracts in the Central New York region.

Questions from the crowd were focused on gaining depth and specific answers in regards to the concerns of small owner-operated businesses here in Syracuse. The answers were given and in understandable way that contributed to the progress and efficiency of the event.

Tuesday’s meeting opened the door for small, well-certified companies to increased their capital and the employment amongst South Side/Syracuse residents. With all the necessary people in the room including loan officers from local banks, related city officials and qualified coordinators, we can look forward to more women and minority owned businesses being utilized in future city and state contracts. Not only construction, but also design and consulting.

For more information, please contact Section 3 coordinator Reggie Seigler by phone at (315) 470-4270 or e-mail at

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