South Side Native Builds A Business, Helps Clean-up Lead

By Greta Stuckey

After a decade of working in cleaning and maintenance, Arteika Hunter decided that it was time to start her own business. She wanted to show her children that hard work could lead to new beginnings. In August 2022, she founded Clean & Glo Cleaning Services and never looked back. 


Hunter grew up on the South Side and wanted to build her wealth right here in Syracuse. As a professional commercial cleaning service, Clean & Glo Cleaning Services offers lead cleanup, commercial construction, and apartment turnover. 

Since lead poisoning is a significant concern in Syracuse, her business specializes in professional lead cleanup services as part of their RRP (Renovation, Repair, and Painting) certification. They are also OSHA certified and have their Better Business Bureau accreditation. 

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Phone: 315-207-7134

After starting, Hunter secured multiple contracts, including the regular cleaning of Beak & Skiff buildings in Lafayette and the final construction clean-up of the new Chipotle in Auburn.

“On August 24, 2022, I got my LLC,” Hunter said. “When I got my first contract, I didn’t know anything about business. I just jumped in and did it.”

After starting her business, Hunter authored a book, “Your Guide to State MBE/WBE Certification Empowering Minority and Women-Owned Businesses.” The book assists entrepreneurs with the process of seeking a state MBE/WBE certification. 

Business Challenges

The first challenge for Hunter was learning the business side of things. She was accustomed to the technical side of cleaning but didn’t have a foundation in business. 

Through trial and error, she taught herself how to manage a business. During the initial stage, she said she had a lot of doubts about her ability to run a successful business. When she found herself struggling, she committed to the business even more.

“The ultimate drama was battling my own mind,” Hunter said. “I feel like I really had to show up every single day.”

Looking Ahead

Moving forward, Hunter wants to get larger contracts and keep hiring more staff. Even though serving the Syracuse community is the primary focus of Clean & Glo Cleaning Services, Hunter hopes to expand services to the whole state. She wants to integrate more technology into her business by creating software and apps, as well as writing more books. Hunter wants to encourage others to take the risk of starting a business to achieve their goals. 

“You are never going to have everything in order,” Hunter said. “You will never know everything and there will never be the right time. Act courageously and don’t let fear stop you.”

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