Turning Passion into Profit: Eileen Baugh’s Journey of Entrepreneurial Support

By Laura S. Román López

Eileen Baugh has always loved helping others with their business endeavors.  Having joined the United States Air Force in 1980, and then working in banking at Wells Fargo, Baugh received extensive training in administrative support.  In 1999, she took the plunge and began Admin-On-Call LLC, a resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners to receive back-office support to help their businesses thrive. 


Although she was born and raised in Brooklyn, Baugh spent many years living in Virginia where she worked at First Union Corporation (a bank that was later acquired by Wells Fargo).  She began Admin-On-Call as a part-time gig, after assisting a “serial entrepreneur” in the management of their three businesses. 

“I just liked helping out with admin tasks to keep my friend organized,” Baugh said. “She was my first client and she enlightened me on the possibility of making this a business. She paid for my services and got me started.” 

Baugh continued offering her services part-time until 2012, when she relocated to Syracuse. The move pushed her to make Admin-On-Call her full-time job. 

Now, Baugh assists over 10 clients across several industries including hospitality, construction, janitorial services, landscaping and entertainment. 

“Admin-On-Call provides back-office administration so that our clients can be the bold and bad CEOs that they are,” Baugh said. “We allow our clients to grow their business while simultaneously having their emails answered, their appointments scheduled, their files in order.” 

Get In Touch with Eileen Baugh:

Website: https://www.adminoncallny.com/ 
Email: adoncallny@gmail.com 
Phone: 315-760-4586

Business Challenges 

Over the past 11 years, Baugh has experienced several changes.  From economic recessions to a global pandemic, she continues to offer her services to clients. Baugh mentions that working virtually for so many years has allowed her to be versatile and that her faith keeps her grounded. 

“God has kept me through it all,” Baugh said. “There have definitely been slow moments. Some of my clients are in industries like hospitality, which were affected by Covid, but working virtually is in my wheelhouse so I was still able to help my clients.” 

Looking Ahead 

Baugh hopes to expand Admin-On-Call in the next five years.  Her dream is to have the company be a one-stop agency with other entrepreneurs to assist clients in all areas of a business. Describing it as an “administrative Walmart”, Baugh would like to have accountant services on call, legal services on call, and other service providers in one space for clients.  

Baugh encourages other entrepreneurs to be their authentic selves and to be passionate about their businesses. She acknowledges the challenges that come with starting a business and believes that versatility, resilience and passion are key elements to be successful. 

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