Corcoran Seniors Move on to Next Journey

The 46th commencement ceremony for students of the Thomas J. Corcoran High School filled the Civic Center June 23. A new journey is about to begin for Syracuse’s young adults, a chance to take what they have learned and share it with our city. Read More »

Going to College

More than 400 eighth-graders learned about college life and the importance of an education Seventy-five students from the Roberts School, at 715 Glenwood Ave., joined their peers from Frazer and Grant middle schools to spend an April day at Syracuse University. The eighth-graders learned how to be accepted into college and what an education at that level can offer. Read More »

Five Tips for High School Seniors

By Megan Ripley, Corcoran High School columnist High school seniors work through stress for nationally recognized diploma, college credits Corcoran’s International Baccalaureate exams generally begin in March and continue through May. This time of year, many IB students are studying and preparing for exams and recorded presentations in order to succeed. Read More »

Reliving the Turmoil: Syracuse's 15th Ward

By Students in Reading and Research at Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School Students create a position on urban renewal and how they say it destroyed a community The 15th Ward was a neighborhood in Syracuse that held about 90% of the city’s black people in the 1950s and 1960s. The newspapers claimed that the 15th Ward was full of ... Read More »

Program Gives Corcoran Students a Chance to Experience College

Story by Tonisha Gunn, a senior at Corcoran High School On Thursday, March 24, 2011, students from Corcoran High School attended Syracuse University’s “A Day at SU.” Students were able to attend classes and experience life at SU for a day. The event was hosted by SyraMatics, a nonprofit group on Syracuse University’s campus, according to Michael Foulkes, president and ... Read More »

‘Collaborative spirit’ helped get Contreras the job

Sharon Contreras looks to bring her success from previous jobs to Syracuse City School District as its next superintendent Sharon Contreras, 41, will take the reins as superintendent of the Syracuse City School District after a unanimous vote of approval by the school board March 16. Read More »