Hometown News

Citizen Review Board Names New Administrator

Today the newly revamped Citizen Review Board is excited to announce the appointment of the administrator that will lead the group forward. Joseph L. Lipari will be assuming the position of administrator on May 15, 2012. Read More »

Strolling the South Side

Community can help create a local, healthy snack garden April 14 Frank Raymond Cetera — board member and co-founder of The Alchemical Nursery — loves the outdoors. That is why before he attended a recent class sponsored in part by the nursery — Community Training on Ecological Design — he waited in the center’s garden. Read More »

Making New Plans

After cut in funding, Jubilee Homes continues to revitalize community With less money to work with, Jubilee Homes is doing things differently. The nonprofit that has worked in the area for decades will build fewer homes for Syracuse residents over the next year, refocusing on less costly rehab projects instead due to a cut in federal funding. Read More »

Martial Arts Leaders Use Their Art to Strengthen the Community

When Daniel Hammond gets ready to break bricks, he sees more than the pile in front of him. Careful to ensure the bricks don’t slip on the ground, he arranges three around a towel on the floor. Hammond raises his hand and breathes in, envisioning the brick broken into rubble. Hammond then smashes his hand through the brick on top, ... Read More »

Military Notes

Army Pvt. ShaQuan J. Dorsey has graduated from basic infantry training at Fort Benning, Columbus, Ga. Read More »

Umi and Associates Host MLK Community Conversation

Residents of the South Side discussed the importance of public service and civic engagement during Umi and Associates’ first-ever MLK Community Conversation. The conversation took place last month at the Abdullah Muslim Masjid on West Brighton Avenue in Syracuse. This conversation was part of a larger program offered by the New York Council for the Humanities called Community Conversations for ... Read More »

Special Achiever

Lanika Mabrey volunteers her time to improve her community For Lanika Mabrey, sitting down to talk about all of her achievements is not easy. “I must admit, talking about myself isn’t something I’m particularly used to,” she said. “But I think that this is a good way to give voice to some great things happening in our community.” Read More »

Multicultural Church

Syracuse Alliance Church welcomes all with open and loving arms Just three months before Hayward and Nonie DeBose were due to have a baby in 1980, they were looking for a church to serve as a foundation for raising a family. At the recommendation of Nonie’s OB-GYN, an Egyptian man, the two visited the Syracuse Alliance Church at 3112 Midland ... Read More »

Hope’s Garden Presents a Black History Inspired Fashion Show

Strength and beauty, the descriptors come to the forefront of one’s mind in the presence of the designers and models that made up the BODI BI CORII fashion show. The event was hosted by the Beauchamp Branch of the Onondaga County Public Library Feb. 18 and presented by the designers that make up Hope’s Garden. Quieesha Burns and Precious Allen ... Read More »

Combating Voter Apathy

Local residents met to discuss voter’s rights and lack of involvement at the A.M.E Zion Church on Monday. The sessions will continue as monthly workshops as part of a joint effort of the NAACP and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. “You have to participate if you expect to get anything out of government,” said South Side resident Khalid Bey. “The greater ... Read More »