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Artistic Expression

Community-based art project brings six sculptures to city neighborhoods The Community-Based Public Art Project was an effort to add artwork to local neighborhoods. With $25,000 from the city budget, the Syracuse Public Art Commission along with Tomorrow’s Neighborhoods Today made the installation of the six pieces of  art a reality. In the South Side, a piece, “Community As Family,” by ... Read More »

Just Add Lights for a Chemical Reaction

A dash of the light of divine inspiration with a heady dose of perseverance, when combined the elements of the reaction bubble fervently. The mixture boils, the heat of this reaction nearly melting the paint from the walls. The house lights of the Palace Theater drop down cloaking the space leaving only a focused beam of light, completing the reaction ... Read More »

Drums in the Library

Syracuse’s Congolese Community Performs at Beauchamp The air bends, reflecting the cauldron heat back from dry particulate earth. Following the well-trodden path to a cooled sanctuary, the echoes of long felled fauna are found, a rediscovery. Ancient rhythms, curled and entwined with modern voice are carried gracefully on the slightest breeze. Despite the illusion of a distant country, the heartbeat ... Read More »

The Joy of Online Marketing

Count It All Joy was able to grow from an at-home business into a full-fledged brand Over the past year, Joyce Boahene, the founder of Count It All Joy, Inspirational Products, LLC, has embraced social media in every way. “I do a Twitter every day. My blog I update on a weekly or monthly basis, usually with an inspirational message,” ... Read More »

Reformed Presbyterian Church Host Community Block Party

Column by Glory Thomas, The Stand community correspondent The Reformed Presbyterian Church, located at 2517 S. Salina St., with Pastor Andrew Schep presiding, sponsored a Summer Block Party, Saturday, July 9. The event was held as a get to know you event for our community. Read More »

Dollar Tree and Deal$ Stores Accepting Donations for Operation Homefront’s Back-to-School Brigade

Operation Homefront announced its 2011 Back-to-School Brigade program to provide backpacks full of school supplies to local military kids in need. Donations can be made from July 8 through 25 at New York Dollar Tree and Deal$ stores or online at Read More »

Life Back on Track

Vision and hearing tests are the first step for people who want to maintain independence Carolyn Stanley has been losing her hearing for years. She is at the point where communicating with her family is getting too difficult. When she learned that Aurora of Central New York Inc. was offering free vision and hearing tests, she hurried to the Mary ... Read More »

Q&A with Band JustUs

JustUs, a local Syracuse band, performed June 16 at the Juneteenth Ancestral Recognition Celebration held in the City Hall Atrium. The Stand’s Community Correspondent Brenda Muhammad sat down with group members to learn more about them and their future plans. Read More »

Corcoran Seniors Move on to Next Journey

The 46th commencement ceremony for students of the Thomas J. Corcoran High School filled the Civic Center June 23. A new journey is about to begin for Syracuse’s young adults, a chance to take what they have learned and share it with our city. Read More »

Q&As From Juneteenth

The Dunbar court is chosen based on essays written by the students at the center, their attitude in class and how they treat others. The winners are then announced at the Gala in May. This year’s Mr. Dunbar, Jyair Crouch, and his mother, Tarea Crouch, along with other 2011 Juneteenth attendees, vendors and volunteers answered The Stand’s Q&As. Read More »