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Girls Night

Girls Inc. held a girls-only ’80s-themed dance party to give females a space to let loose, exercise and have fun Cyndi Lauper blasted on the speakers, while a group of six teenage girls danced together in a small semi-circle in a strobe-lit auditorium at YWCA’s Girls Inc., located at 401 Douglas St., on Thursday night, March 10. Girls Inc., a ... Read More »

Reporters for the South Side Find Familiar Stories in Grahamstown

A group from The Stand spent 11 days in South Africa, telling stories about the interesting culture and people who live there Over Syracuse University’s winter break, 13 of us packed up and went halfway around the world to Grahamstown, South Africa, which is on the country’s Eastern Cape. The group included myself, The Stand’s Director Ashley Kang and another ... Read More »

Cougar Chemistry

For the fourth straight year, Corcoran’s ice hockey team has made it to the playoffs Whenever Pat Standford is wearing shoes instead of skates, he is reminded Syracuse is not a hockey town. The senior captain of the Corcoran High School hockey team jokes that fellow students see him and seem surprised their school even has a team. Yet Corcoran ... Read More »

Artist Against Violence

Carrie Mae Weems says that she does not need to speak to make a difference — she can craft photographic images and weave them into a local culture in a way that can make an impact louder than words. Read More »

Reliving History

Dunbar Association’s archival display documents its social advocacy Though unknown to many in the Syracuse community, the Dunbar Association, Inc., 1453 S. State St., has more than 1,000 items in its archive that chronicles the rich history of African-Americans in Syracuse. The archive contains everything from newspaper clippings on the organization to letters from civil rights leaders, such as Martin ... Read More »

Corcoran High School Seniors Say College Can be a Reality

Story by Megan Ripley, a senior at Corcoran High School Two Corcoran High School seniors describe what they love about their education and why they believe students should put hard work first Read More »

Preserving Dunbar

Community members rally to overcome challenges as the Dunbar Center loses funding Adalsa Latty points out the window of his ground-floor office at the Dunbar Center. A snow-speckled South State Street outside is cracked and rundown, cutting through a struggling neighborhood. He drops his hands in despair. He sighs with the force of someone exhausted after a long battle. Read More »

Radio Show

The Stand was featured on POWER 620 AM radio with Dr. Rick Wright Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011. If you missed the interview, listen here: Read More »

Kids play the part in history lesson

One day recently, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was about four feet tall. At least, that’s how tall the 7- and 8-year-olds were who represented him as part of an Interactive Black History Museum project at the Dunbar Center. Maya Angelou, Jackie Robinson, and Harriet Tubman were also in the crowd. Read More »

Black History Month Program links Students with African-American Community Leaders

In honor of Black History Month, local students will take time the week of Feb. 21 through 25 to discuss higher education, possible career paths and how to improve their community. Leading the discussions at the Mary Nelson Youth Center are prominent Syracuse residents like Police Chief Frank Fowler and Anthony Davis, the first African-American principal of Liverpool High School. Read More »