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Hanslip's Jerk Hut

In tough economic times, his restaurant manages to survive Growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, Irvin “Bongo” Hanslip learned the value of hard work from his parents. “My parents were only rich in culture, poor in finance,” said Hanslip, 63, whose parents were both farmers. “By seeing how they provided for us, so we could have a better education, it give ... Read More »

Two Studies on Racial Profiling in Syracuse Released

Chief of Police Frank Fowler arrived at City Hall Monday, Nov. 15, night armed with numbers, statistics, and the results of his own racial profiling study to construct a passionate defense of his police department from accusations of racial profiling. Nearly 50 members from the community, Syracuse Police Department and the Syracuse Common Council gathered to hear researchers present their ... Read More »

Youth Engage in Writing Workshop

Around 150 students, from sixth through 12th grades, participated in free writing workshops at the second annual Writing Our Lives community event held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 13, at Percy Hughes Magnet School. Students came from the Syracuse City School District and the greater Syracuse area. Read More »

Solutions for Violence in Syracuse

A “Stop the Violence” call to action brought together 150 people Saturday, Nov. 13, to the Mary Nelson Youth Center. The theme of the event was to discuss and find solutions to halt violence in the community. Read More »

Contracting for Change

Minority contractors in Syracuse, mostly on the South Side, are banding together to improve access to training and certification programs and to demand more work on private and government contracts. But they face an array of stiff challenges, including shortcomings in expertise, funding and networking. Read More »

Grandparents raising grandchildren part of a national trend

Raising teenagers is no easy feat, and to do it twice is impressive. Clinton Williams Sr., 63, and his wife, Linda, 61, are raising their son’s three children. Having raised their own children before, nothing pulls the wool over the Williams’ eyes this time around. They are instilling values in their grandchildren that were common in their day, and are ... Read More »

Teacher, Mother and Protector

Linda Dunn’s classroom is a home away from home for her students Danforth Magnet Middle School feels like home to social studies teacher Linda Dunn. Indeed, it is. She not only teaches here now, but she also walked these very halls as an elementary student some 40 years ago. Dunn has had a classroom on every floor of the school ... Read More »

One Life Saved

Student turned to her teacher after witnessing mother’s murder My father murdered my mother in front of me when I was 10 years old. I remember it like yesterday. My mother lay dying, my father demanding she get up, and I stood crying hysterically. My father told my brother to take me back down the hill to his mother, my ... Read More »

Filling Vacancies

Urban Renewal Agency looks for residents to revitalize empty houses Sometimes having no neighbors makes for the worst kind of neighbors. That’s the case for Khreltz Vest, who lives a couple of blocks east of McKinley-Brighton Elementary School on Pleasant Avenue with her husband, three children and dogs. Both houses next to her home are vacant. Read More »

Community Huddle

The Kirk Park Colts play hard and give the South Side community something to root for A group of boys outfitted in full football uniforms, none of them an inch taller than 4-feet-10, lines the field at Kirk Park struggling to perform the perfect pushup. “One, Two.” The quarterback of the mighty-mights division of the Kirk Park Colts stands before ... Read More »