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How Hopps Kept Going

Hopps Memorial CME Church’s mission to serve remains strong in the face of uncertainty Read More »

Current Issue

For this month’s cover story, graduate student Kate Mazade along with photo volunteer Robert Schulz visited Hopps Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church to learn how its congregation survived after the construction of the I-81 viaduct forced its members to relocate. Mazade did an amazing job of examining the church’s long history and speaking with current members. Her story shares how ... Read More »

Local Honor

Emmy awarded to documentary produced in partnership with Syracuse’s Onondaga Historical Association Read More »

Shared Experiences

Photo Walk participant reflects on what she learned while strolling the South Side When I started on this journey, I have to admit I was very excited. I like people in general, so to mix meeting people with my photography was an exciting prospect. I am also a mother and a grandmother so my goal for the day was to ... Read More »

How You Can Display Photo Walk Images

“I love that picture,” Steven Howington told The Stand. “It captures the essence of being a barber.” Howington’s image was just one of thousands taken during last year’s Photo Walk and included in a collection of community gallery displays throughout the South Side. His image remains on the wall at Blue Brothers Barber Shop at 2036 S. Salina St. This ... Read More »

South Side Landmarks

Newly added Photo Walk route spotlights sites along South Salina Street’s Historic District This year’s Photo Walk was the first time The Stand’s annual event included a route specifically focused on the historic architecture of the neighborhood. Led by David Haas, who runs the @SyracuseHistory Instagram account, the path featured six South Salina Street stops to view 19th and 20th ... Read More »

Room with a View

While Photo Walkers documented the area around I-81, reporters spoke with Toomey Abbot residents On a beautiful Saturday morning in July, a contingent of 20 photographers and community correspondents gathered to participate in The Stand’s 10th Annual Photo Walk’s I-81 Route. The group convened in the outdoor lobby of the Toomey Abbott Towers — a 24-story, 308 unit, affordable housing ... Read More »

Damn South Side, You Look Good

The Stand celebrated a milestone event this summer when our Annual South Side Photo Walk reached its 10th year. Mayor Ben Walsh recognized the day by declaring July 27 “Annual South Side Stand Photo Walk Day” in the city of Syracuse. We are honoring this event by dedicated 12 pages in September’s print issue to showcase photos taken by more ... Read More »