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Finding Balance

How students manage school, socializing, jobs and mental health during the pandemic By Cashmere Dancil For American teenagers getting a job in high school marks a coming of age; a sign that they can now make their financial decisions and are accountable for getting to work on time, maintaining their grades, friendships and their mental health.But for Syracuse students this ... Read More »

Local Trailblazer

Van Robinson has served the Syracuse community for nearly 45 years By Maia VinesWhere are the places to worship? Where are the places to get your hair cut? Where are the places to go?These are all questions a young Van Robinson asked himself after moving from the Bronx to a new city in 1968. Robinson, who at that time had ... Read More »

Winter Issue

Our cover story tells how Freedom Commons became the first upstate adaptation of the Fortune Society’s innovative housing model, serving those who have trouble securing permanent, affordable housing and individuals returning from prison. Additionally, our Skilled Trades Series continues with a feature on Christopher Montgomery, who is leading Syracuse Build, a program to prepare a local workforce for infrastructure jobs. His ... Read More »

Preparing a Pipeline

How Syracuse Build’s new director Christopher Montgomery is mobilizing a local workforce Read More »

TNT Approves Special Projects

Two proposals receive funding to enhance South Side By Ashley Reeves At Tomorrow’s Neighborhoods Today monthly meeting held Monday evening, members of the South Side community gathered virtually to hear proposals for the sector’s Special Project funding. Each sector has $5,000 to use towards community development. Residents submit and vote on proposed ideas that will best serve the community. Two ... Read More »

Next Generation Neighborhood Network Provides Re-entry Services for Youths

By Sarah Dolgin When re-entering the community after incarceration, people need resources and support to get back on their feet. For the adult population in this position there are organizations that provide such opportunities — but for youth, there is a lack of specialized programming to help when they are set to return home. Center for Community Alternatives (CCA), an ... Read More »

McCarthy Manor Tenants, STOP! Condemn ‘Unacceptable’ Conditions

Tenants describe bug infestations, lack of proper heating and faulty utilities By Eddie Velazquez McCarthy Manor tenants and fair housing advocates gathered early Wednesday for a press event, levying damning accusations against the building’s management related to the apartments’ state of disrepair and threats of retaliatory measures against tenants who sought help from city officials. The “unacceptable” living conditions found ... Read More »

Housing Trifecta

Freedom Commons offers affordable, supportive and emergency options for the formerly incarcerated Read More »

Seeking Feedback

Staff pledges to dive into the past to tell the full story behind how the Erie Canal was built Contributed By Renée Barry  Transportation has evolved throughout time. The Erie Canal, a human-built waterway, was the United State’s first big infrastructure project.  You can imagine it as a highway for boats.  Since its opening in 1825, the Erie Canal rapidly ... Read More »