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PEACE Center Reaches Out to Residents

A new era has dawned for people who rely on PEACE Inc.’s family resource center on the South Side. Charles Rivers was named site coordinator at the Emma L. Johnston Southside Family Resource Center in June. And the organization held a reopening ceremony in August. The purpose of the event was to show off renovations at the center, located at ... Read More »

A Friendly Five

At 80, legendary guitarist Bobby Green is still A Cut Above the rest Read More »

Families Enjoy Ninth Annual Halloween Spooktacular

Beauchamp Branch Library offered a secure, yet fun environment during the ninth annual Halloween Spooktacular held Thursday evening. Ruberta Rodriguez brings her son, Darryl Hill, Jr. to Beauchamp every weekend to use the computers, read books and enjoying the events at the library. This was their first time at the Spooktacular. She spent time mingling with other parents and helping ... Read More »

Common Council to Vote on an Anti-Discrimination Bill This Month

At the Skyline Apartments on James Street last Spring, Laura Kelly gathered bright, multicolored bins and packed up all of her belongings. They are stacked neatly, one atop the other, like building blocks in a game of Tetris, just barely brushing the ceiling. What didn’t fit in the boxes, Laura stuffed into black garbage bags that are shoved underneath her ... Read More »

Own Your Own Company Like LSK

LSK is a full service company dedicated to matching the needs of their clients. Founded in 2012 by co-owners LaKisa Renee and La Shaun Jones, LSK provides its clients with upscale, trained, professional models and talent. As a company, they provide promotion and consulting in the careers of modeling, runway, commercial, fashion print, videos, acting, singing, dancing and more. They ... Read More »

Nottingham Football Players Receive Support for Fighting Injustice

As the sun began to set on the football field behind Nottingham High School, the Friday night lights illuminated the field. The football team lined up along the sideline, facing the American flag next to the scoreboard reading 0-0. As the national anthem began to play, the first four players in line – 6, 51, 40 and 20 – suddenly ... Read More »

Former Syracuse Football Player Unveils Nature Art Exhibit

It took two and a half years for Jim Ridlon to create an eclectic collection of nature’s finest pieces of work including inventive assemblages and juxtaposed objects that recreate an interior layer of meaning. “I’ve always done a lot of walking in the woods. It was a quiet time, thinking time, spiritual time for me. I’ve always found objects in ... Read More »

Surviving Trauma

Vice principal brings crisis plan to Dr. King Elementary School based on doctoral research *Editor’s Note: This online version has been updated from the print story to reflect ‘Salaam Jennings-Bey’ in second reference and clarify a ‘popular’ student seemed to be valued over others Quiet is the way Dr. Najah Salaam Jennings-Bey was described when she was taking her first ... Read More »

Students Unite

Teens revive student organization focused on social justice Once summer began, high-school students would naturally rejoice in the freedom that came with the end of classes and assignments. But for students of the Syracuse Student Union, the end of school meant a chance to organize, network and establish their group as a voice for all high-school students in the city ... Read More »