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Healing Touch

Timothy Bryant’s tumultuous childhood motivates him to help others affected by trauma Timothy Bryant was a single father working as a massage therapist and director at a Syracuse spa when he met a client who was a Syracuse University professor. As the professor learned more about Tim, she suggested to him that a degree in public health might feed his ... Read More »

Grateful to South Side

Newhouse student recounts her experience writing for The Stand I  really think The Stand is something special. In a world where larger news outlets are laying off reporters to save money and stay in business, it’s become increasingly difficult for a newsroom to cover its market. Syracuse is especially hard to cover because of the broad range of issues residents ... Read More »

She Matters

Finding ways to help women detect breast cancer, then get through it Valerie Taylor was lying down relaxing in her home when she felt an itch in her right breast. When she touched it, she discovered a lump that felt like the shape of an egg. She called her doctor right away. “I was more scared than anything because I ... Read More »

Seeking Justice

Local author Roger Knight on his first book and his passions Roger Knight, a local author, says that the court decisions made around the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in Staten Island remind him why he was motivated to write his novel, “The Citizen Rising.” Even before these events made news, Knight found himself engaged in ... Read More »

Guitar Hero

Syracuse Native Bobby Green Continues to Build Musical Legacy I was hanging out with my two grandsons, ages 10 and 12, a couple of weeks ago when I ran into DeBorah Little. She was at the South Side Innovation Center preparing to participate in a planning meeting for her family reunion. Wanting to show my grandsons that I knew someone ... Read More »

Uncertainty Still Surrounds I-81 Plans

On Aug. 31, 2009, National Basketball Association celebrity player Carmelo Anthony stepped out of a black Cadillac Escalade onto Wilson Park, in the South Side neighborhood of Pioneer Homes, to dedicate a basketball court in his namesake and another named after Jim Boeheim, his former coach at Syracuse University, who was also in attendance. A crowd of about 500 neighbors ... Read More »

Why I Joined The Stand

And why you should, too From the very first workshop I attended for The Stand, I knew that I was on the cusp of a life-changing experience. I was introduced to The Stand through its director, Ashley Kang, who sent out a slew of emails to drum up interest in the newspaper project. Read More »

'The Hammers with a Heart' Visit the South Side

Volunteer construction group the Silver Hammers consider aiding a project for Veterans The 20th century ’70s saw the emergence of the Gray Panthers, an activist outfit that many saw as the senior-citizen version of the militant Black Panthers. The Gray Panthers’ platform included points against the Vietnam War and the statutory retirement age. In the 21st century ’10s the Greater Syracuse ... Read More »

Hope for a New Direction

New Directions provide gifts to young mothers The New Direction Christian Center (NDCC) jumped on the opportunity to make sure that giving was more than just a theme this season. This year’s theme, by the way, was “Give, Serve, Love.” Each year, a different group is identified and an effort to meet that group’s needs is taken up by volunteers ... Read More »

Getting Prepared

With winter upon us, the United Way shares tips on how to plan ahead Members of The Stand’s Board of Directors recently attended information sessions to help them understand what they can do to be prepared in the event of an emergency, specifically a natural disaster. Natural disasters often result in the disruption of everyday life and include inaccessibility to ... Read More »