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Hope for a New Direction

New Directions provide gifts to young mothers The New Direction Christian Center (NDCC) jumped on the opportunity to make sure that giving was more than just a theme this season. This year’s theme, by the way, was “Give, Serve, Love.” Each year, a different group is identified and an effort to meet that group’s needs is taken up by volunteers ... Read More »

Promised Land

Federal program could give South and Southwest sides help they need City officials began applying last month to a federal program that would designate parts of Syracuse’s South and Southwest sides as a “Promise Zone.” The distinction would give those areas preference for certain federal programs for a 10-year period, according to the city’s director of research, Janet Burke. “It ... Read More »

Amending Violence

David Hills overcame criminal past to work to defuse violent situations A few weeks ago, two men ready to end each other’s life called a truce over a mediated meal. They’d exchanged bullets before trading words: One had put bullet holes in the van of the other. One had shot at the other several times. “These guys are killers, literally. ... Read More »

Kirk Park Gets Lift

Grant is used to build ‘outdoor classroom’ for environmental education Thanks to a half-million dollar state grant, the city has built what it calls an “outdoor classroom” — with educational signs, designs depicting local fish and a large, stone sitting bench — to teach children about the life of Onondaga Creek. Brainstorming for the project’s purpose and design began last ... Read More »

Moving Forward

The Dunbar Center reopens, looks to start a new era for residents One of the South Side’s oldest institutions has opened its doors after a short downtime, bringing back a wealth of opportunities for residents of all ages. Ever since its founding nearly a century ago, the Dunbar Association, a community center at 1453 S. State St., has provided refuge ... Read More »

Fashion Dreams

Two local designers use their personal styles to instill confidence Ever thought about making clothes, but were scared of what people might think of the style? I would say go for it. Be a fashion designer! There are many people in Syracuse who make clothes, and it started with a dream and conquering their vision. Two people in particular, Ron ... Read More »

Soul Food

Chef’s passion shows through to community she feeds Wanda Adair has a relationship with food that is as deep as her famous three-cheese macaroni pan in the kitchen of Simone’s Soul Food. The 58-year-old and her son, David Hills, have been the operators of Simone’s for more than a year. The restaurant, named after Hills’ wife, Letisha Simone Johnson, has ... Read More »

Police Host Forum to Improve Communication

Two groups met in the cathedral of a local church Thursday evening in the hopes that both could gain a better understanding of the relationship between them. “The Police and You” is a planned ongoing forum to join the Syracuse Police Department and South Side community in conversation and to be held monthly at various churches, the first meeting which ... Read More »

Data-Driven Method

Corcoran implements interim tests to determine whether students are learning concepts Corcoran High School was removed recently from New York state’s “priority school” list for schools with low graduation rates. Corcoran improved its graduation rate because more students passed the state’s Regents Examinations, which they must do to graduate. The rate improved after the school’s top two officials — then-Principal ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor

I saw a report in October on CNY Central News. The report described a murder that was committed on the South Side on Calthrop Avenue. The reporter gave a description of the suspect: a black man in dark clothes. Read More »