The Stand Welcomes Syracuse Poster Project

The Stand welcomed Ricky Maeweather, Alexandra Hitzler, Seneca Wilson, Carey On, Ruthnie Angrand and Michael Gaut to the second offering of The Syracuse Poster Project’s Haiku Workshop for the South Side March 3, 2012 at the South Side Communication Center. Read More »

October Spoken Word Workshop

The Stand held a Spoken Word Workshop taught by Verbal Blend’s Director Cedric Bolton on Saturday, Oct. 9, 2010 at the South Side Innovation Center. Read More »

Where I'm From…

Spoken Word Poetry by Liz Mills, Corcoran High School Junior Read More »

Poetry by Jasmine Price

Like Liberty Why can’t I be like the wind? Listlessly sliding and gliding through the trees I long to embody the breeze Swirling and sighing silently where ever I please Read More »

Poetry by Michael Ryan

If only I knew what poetry was, I’d write you and spill my soul. I’d share what I felt, you’d see what I see, our connection being the only goal. Read More »