Summer Camp

Donations help campers get the most out of summer camp Close to 20 paper bumblebees, adorned in sparkles and all colors of the rainbow, hang from the ceiling of the arts and crafts room at the summer camp run by Greater New Testament Missionary Baptist Church. A table in the room is filled with markers, crayons, magazine cutouts and coloring ... Read More »

Summer Interns

This summer, 28 students are working at various internships through the SYNERGY Program. Ralithia Dennis, The Stand’s summer intern who is also participating in this program, shares how the program prepares each student for their new workplace. Mercy Works is dedicated to meeting various social needs of those in the community by empowering urban youth through programs that instill vision ... Read More »

Henna Body Art Workshop

Kids are able to get tattoos. A Henna Body Art Workshop was held at 2 p.m.  Tuesday, July 7, at  Beauchamp Branch Library on 2111 S. Salina St. Suzanne Masters, who has experience doing Henna for more than a decade, explained how Henna is used in many different ways all over the world and gave Henna tattoos to children in ... Read More »