Five Tips for High School Seniors

By Megan Ripley, Corcoran High School columnist

High school seniors work through stress for nationally recognized diploma, college credits

Corcoran’s International Baccalaureate exams generally begin in March and continue through May. This time of year, many IB students are studying and preparing for exams and recorded presentations in order to succeed.

Whether you’re in the IB program or not, senior year is very stressful. Students are applying for colleges, preparing for SATs, studying for finals or fulfilling graduation requirements. Relieving that stress in a healthy manner is one of the biggest challenges teens face today. Many students “bottle up” their stress and emotions, which can eventually lead to mental and emotional breakdowns and cases of depression or anxiety. So set aside your stress balls and relax. Elizabeth Scott is here to help!

Scott is a wellness and health coordinator who writes a stress management blog at She also published a guide on top stress-relieving activities.

Here are Scott’s five tips:

1.    Music/Art Therapy: Many individuals listen to music or “doodle” while doing paperwork and other academics.

2.    Exercise: Need to relieve anger/emotions? Exercise helps increase blood flow to the brain, which calms and soothes the body.

3.    Sleep: Walking away and taking a nap is always a teenage favorite. Sleeping relaxes the mind and helps one refresh and restart.

4.    Time Management: Planning your time wisely is a big help. Procrastinating only increases stress/anxiety levels.

5.    Surround Yourself With Positive Energy: Spending time with close friends or relatives always brightens up one’s day. Laughter and a happy atmosphere generally put people in a better mood and help them forget about worries and stress around them.

With these tips and a determined attitude, students preparing to receive an IB diploma at graduation, as well as seniors studying for their general finals, shouldn’t face any challenges they can’t overcome. Good luck!



Megan Ripley is a senior at Corcoran High School and a South Side resident. She is a member of Kristie Yarnell’s journalism class. If you are a high school student and would like to write for The Stand, contact Ashley Kang at

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