Join The Stand's Board

Call for New Board Members

The Stand currently has an opening for a community member to join our Board of Directors.
Board members meet every other month for two hours on a Saturday morning. Members discuss story suggestions, events, advertising opportunities and workshop offerings.

The Board is searching for someone ready to become an active member, to suggest ideas and represent others in the South Side community. An ideal candidate will also have advertising experience and help boost the project’s ad revenue.

The Stand is a print and online news source covering Syracuse’s South Side. It is written for and by South Side residents. As the voice of the South Side community, the paper aims to start a community conversation by inviting residents of the South Side to share their stories. The paper is the brainchild of The South Side Newspaper Project, a collaboration of the Southside Community Coalition, Syracuse University and a number of dedicated South Side community residents.

If interested, submit a short bio and resume to  The Stand’s director by calling (315) 882-1054 or emailing