Anti-gun protesters at city hall
Protesters speak with a WAER reporter and Onondaga County Legislator Mary Kuhn in Syracuse on Friday.

Residents Protest Gun Show

An anti-gun rally on the steps of Syracuse city hall called out the hypocrisy of the state fairgrounds hosting a gun show at a time when gun violence is plaguing our streets

By Greg Munno

The city of Syracuse announced plans last month to spend a million dollars to fight rising gun violence. Saturday, the state fairgrounds just beyond the city’s borders will welcome the largest gun show in New York.

That contrast does not sit well with residents such as Darlene Medley, Jacqueline LaSonde and Hakim Kelly, who were at city hall Friday to protest the gun show and urge the state senate to pass a bill that would ban gun shows in New York.

The residents said such a move is common sense when the city is working to get guns off its streets. Medley said she fears racism prevents the lawmakers from understanding the magnitude of the crisis of gun violence.

“It’s black people killing brown people,” she said. “The politicians say, ‘let them do it.'”

LaSonde said guns in Syracuse are “out of control” and called the gun show “tone deaf.”

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