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What’s New in Ministry

I proudly present Rochester Center of Theological and Biblical Studies.

For years RCTBS has been located in the Rochester area. It has now found its way to the Syracuse area. RCTBS holds revolving courses in Christian Ministry, offered on Monday evening and Saturday morning at the Gospel Temple Church, located at 571 Oakwood Ave., on the corner of Kennedy and Oakwood Avenue right here in Syracuse.

Rochester Center of Theological and Biblical Studies began teaching local classes in Christian Ministry in July of this year. Our community is not very well known for schools in Christian Ministry So we are very fortunate to have them. They offer non-denominational courses, which makes it easy for anyone of any faith to receive an Associate Degree in Christian Ministry, as well as a Certificate in Christian Ministry for those individuals auditing the courses without having to travel a great distance.

Many Graduates of the Rochester Center of Theological and Biblical Studies accredited programs have gone on to complete their master’s and doctoral studies at other institutions of higher learning.

Do you need to be college ready? Absolutely not. Classes can be audited for those who do not have the stamina to juggle a lot of paper work. All of the professors are ordained ministers, with college and/or seminary training, some holding doctoral degrees in the area of their expertise and are eager to teach and share with the student body.

Dr. Ray Neal Fisher, President of RCTBS and a member of the College of Professor, as well as, Dr. William Johnson, Vice President, and professor, has been leading the way here in the Syracuse. Enrollment is open for your convenience to climb on board whenever you are ready to further your education in the field of Christian Ministry.

For more information, call (315) 498-9040 or send an e-mail to RCTBS @aol.com. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have or enroll you if you so desire.


— Letter submitted by Glory Thomas, South Side resident

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