New Gospel Show to Launch in May

Cora Thomas, a WAER and Power 106.9 radio announcer, will host her own new segment on Power 106.9 showcasing local gospel artists, pastors, churches and national recording artists, starting in May.

“We like to call her the first lady of gospel,” said Kenny Dees, program director at Power 106.9. “She has the talent.”

Thomas, a South Side resident who has worked in the radio industry for more than 20 years, has been putting in her time to finally get a chance to become a syndicated radio figure.

“Hopefully, gospel will become more prominent,” Thomas said. “I love radio. I think it’s a wonderful medium. I reach to masses. My mission is gospel.”

Her goal is to find out what churches are doing, what their missions are and what they have planned for their members and communities. Connecting, uplifting, motivating and helping people love and appreciate the church is important, said Thomas, a Syracuse University employee.

Back in March, Thomas put on the “Cora A. Thomas Gospel Extravaganza” through SU, where she hosted the national recording artist Richard Smallwood, along with other ensembles and choirs.

On May 1, The Mountain Goat Run event will kick off at Kirk Park, located off of Midland Avenue, and Thomas is working on a plan to have a gospel show for the community and runners. This will be yet another opportunity for Thomas to spread gospel music to the South Side community.

“It’s up to us to live the church,” Thomas said. “It makes a difference.”