Having a Relationship with a Cigarette

With you

In you

I am yours

I am you

                                                                                      What’s so sad is

Oh, How I love the way                                               I’ll be there for you

You cough                                                                    Even when you’re gone

And my name comes out                                        

                                                                                     I am you

At times                                                                        I will be you

I can be too much                                                   

At times

I am never enough

                                                                                      There will be others like you

God, How I love the way                                              Others like me

You light my fire                                                             And I’ll touch them

For all the world to see                                                          as you did me

How I wish I could

Show the world your heart                                            As I wither

From the time you breathe my air                                 So will you

That would make a great start

But you

Are not me

You use me                                                                    I want you

Until I wither away                                                        When you want me

And lie with the ashes                                                                      need me

On the earth

I am yours

I am you                                                                         Oh God,

                                                                                              How I love the way

Oh God, How I love you                                                   I kill you

There are others in your life,        

I’m sure

But each time you touch me

I know that I touch you, deeply

  Heart and soul

I want you

When you want me

                 Need me

— By Anthony Hines-Tecoy

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