Tammy Reese stands with her mother Donna Reese, 58, who passed away surrounded by family Jan. 31. Donna was a well-known disability and civil rights advocate and a long-time community activist. | Provided Photo

Remembering a South Side Mom

For Mother’s Day, daughter reflects on all Donna Reese accomplished

Dear Mom, you were the Queen of the South Side.

Kobe of Syracuse — Icon , Legend, mentor and inspiration to many.

Tammy with her mother Donna Reese.

Though I know you were all of these phenomenal things, to me you were just mom. A superwoman mom, but still just mom. The best mom ever!

You were the one who gave me unconditional love and truth when I did or didn’t want to hear it.

Your accomplishments are epic. You served your community and beyond with purpose and served well. You conquered all you sought out to achieve and then some. Your legacy lives forever.

My life has been great because you were apart of it and always will be. A teen mom who became the first female president of the Syracuse NAACP, co-founder of the Pan African Village, outreach specialist for Aurora of CNY, appointed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to serve on the CENTRO board of directors, committee member for the annual Americans With Disabilities Act Celebration, and the list goes on and on. You truly were an outstanding advocate and activist for social injustices, civil and disability rights.

Receiving recognition from the Syracuse National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Chapter.

Even when you lost your sight you still spoke out and stood up for what’s right while being the voice for those who needed to be helped or heard. Touching so many lives along the way and making your entire family so proud. I am honored to have had the most loving, supportive mother I could ask for. I’ll never forget what you meant to me. I’ll never forget all you taught me and have done for me.

Jan. 31, 2020, you became an heavenly Angel. Your husband, kids, grandkids, great grand kids, siblings, friends and community appreciate all you’ve done here on Earth.

You are apart of Syracuse history, New York state history, American history, Women’s history and Black history. You are beloved, will forever be missed and honored.

A person like you comes along once in a lifetime. Our family is so grateful to have shared you with so many. 

Way to go Mom you lived your dash remarkably, left big shoes to fill. Guide our city from heaven. Rest in peace Donna Reese. 

On behalf of my Father Duane Reese Sr., my brother Duane Reese II , my sister Tequila Pease and myself, we would like to thank everyone near and far for the continued out pour of love and prayers for our family.

— Contributed by Tammy Reese, Founder of Visionary Minds PR and Media

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