Syr JAMS' Music Stand

Featuring the Jeff Houston Experience

Syracuse has abundant musical talent, but much of it is underexposed. Syr JAMS’ Music Stand — which stands for Syracuse’s Joined Artists Musicians and Singers’ Music Stand — is a new feature created by The Stand’s A Friendly Five columnist Reggie Seigler and intended to be a platform for talent.

This first video of Syr JAMS’ Music Stand features the Jeff Houston Experience performing live in the Newhouse II studio of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

The band consists of Deyquan Bowens, keyboards; Steven Bender, drums; Burnell Reid, bass; and bandleader Jeff Houston, guitar. Their song is an original, titled “The way I feel.” It was written by Houston and was recorded live to tape by SU students John Fitzpatrick (Video and Editing), Irina Dvalidze (Video) and Matt Deutchman (Audio).

This is a live performance; there has been little to no audio editing. Pre-production and setup was done by Reggie Seigler.

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