Tops Supermarket Pleases Residents

A new Tops location recently opened on South Salina Street on Syracuse’s South Side, much to the liking of residents there. For years, shoppers would have to travel to places like Nojams or Wegmans and even corner stores to get their groceries. This was a burden on many South Side residents who are disabled, low income or don’t have access to transportation. The new Tops has everything a suburban grocery store would have including a frozen food section, bakery and full-time deli.


Transportation on the South Side is a huge issue. With many residents not having cars, nor the money to pay for cabs, buses were the only way to get to the grocery store. Tops’ convenient location makes it easier for everyone to get their groceries. “If they don’t have a car, it’s right on the bus line. Most don’t have the ability to get all the way down to Onondaga Hill, the area down there where Wegmans and Price Chopper are, this is a heck of a lot easier,” said Shannon Thomas, a longtime Valley resident.


The new store boosted construction on the South Side over the summer and added 120 new jobs when it opened last week. “Right now this community and everybody, we need this Tops and they are giving jobs to people right here in this community so that’s a big plus,” said Earl Dedeaux, whose lived on the South Side his whole life.

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— By Richie Calabro, originally appearing on NCC NEWS

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