March Issue

The Stand’s March print issue features an exclusive look at a report on how the Price Rite construction project hired more local minorities, our next in the They Wear Blue series and a special profile on Nora Kirst, an elementary teacher who has taught many young learners in city schools.

You might recognize Nora’s last name. She is married to beloved Central New York columnist Sean Kirst, who will be honored next April as a 2018 Wisdom Keeper. He will push off praise, saying the real people to celebrate are the local residents who trusted him with their stories. During a speech once, naming everyday heroes from the city, he ended with a mention of his wife, Nora who believes all children deserve to be nurtured so they can grow into capable young adults. “The celebrity in our house is my wife,” he declared.

The South Side Newspaper Project also has a big announcement to share. After our trip to Grahamstown, South Africa, we have partnered with the community paper there, Grocott’s Mail, for a journalistic exchange series – Your Town, Our Town.

We will share stories between publications to unify, educate and enlighten both communities. In this issue, we share a personal piece by Madoda Mkalipi, who works with an educational nonprofit in South Africa to help students prepare for college. We hope our readers will enjoy the content and gain valuable insight into another part of the world.

To download the full issue, click here.

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