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Visit The Stand’s Flickr Photo Page to click through the thousands of photos from our 2018 Photo Walk.

This year’s walk was held Saturday, July 28, at started at the Eat to Live Food Cooperative. Thirty-seven individuals participated, and this year’s walk received additional funding from the Finding Common Ground grant.

Each summer our Photo Walk takes place to capture a typical Saturday in the neighborhood, documenting the people who call the South Side home. This past July marked our ninth year. The event’s success is in the number and variety of people it brings together around the common interest of photography.

This effort to connect people across the divides of geography, cultures and economics was why The Stand was awarded the Finding Common Ground grant.

The grant committee sought projects that worked to turn people toward the world and amplify unheard voices.

We hope that by expanding our Photo Walk with both a gallery show and securing spots for images throughout the community we can help residents feel represented and seen.

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