Engaging Communities and Finding Financial Freedom 

By Laura S. Román López

Lekia Hill came to Syracuse 11 years ago from her hometown of Yonkers, a city just on the fringe of New York City.

The move and adjustment to Central New York was filled with many struggles, Hill said. She fell into poverty and had to overcome hardships to sustain herself and her kids.

Despite this, Hill had always envisioned having her own company. She wanted to “build something that would create a legacy for her and her family,” she said.  In 2023, she launched Lekia Tech LLC, a business management and development consulting firm.


Hill spent nearly five years working with Hueber-Breuer Construction as the company’s community outreach and diversity officer. On the side, she was also a “hybrid-preneur” as she worked on and off as a freelance consultant. Hill focused on helping Hueber-Breuer establish a sustainable approach in the communities where the firm worked. Soon, other construction companies also interested in taking a grassroots approach also began calling Hill, she said. 

“I saw there was a niche there, that companies wanted to do more beyond just giving dollars,” Hill said. “Instead of just giving large amounts of donations to some of these larger nonprofits, we also started looking at some of the smaller ones around neighborhoods or people who are doing things within their own communities. We wanted to highlight and support them.”

Get in touch with Lakia Hill
Email: lekia@lekiatechllc.com 
Phone: (315)412-3935 

Hill began working fulltime in her company, Lekia Tech LLC, in March 2023, with Hueber-Breuer becoming her first client, she said. Hill has acquired other customers as well, most of which form a part of the construction industry. The firm provides business solutions and consulting to corporations who are interested in expanding their social impact strategies. Hill also provides technical support for smaller companies who may be interested in human resources, employee services, managing payroll, and similar services. 

Business Challenges

Lekia Tech LLC isn’t Hill’s first rodeo as an entrepreneur. For a period of three years, Hill struggled running her first business. The experience allowed her to grow and became a valuable stepping stone for managing Lekia Tech. 

“The difference this time was that one, I have more experience,” Hill said. “I have more knowledge about the industry that I’m focused on, I’m a stronger leader. I made six figures this year. The only reason why I had such a good year is because through those years, I spent time developing myself as a professional, I built my status, I extended my network. I did all the things you need to be a successful business.”

Looking Ahead

Looking towards the future, Hill wants to explore public speaking about topics like business development, leadership and the future of Syracuse communities. Hill acknowledges that there are many economic changes coming to the city in the upcoming years, and wishes to assist business leaders and community members as they prepare to take ambitious opportunities. 

For people who are interested in starting a business, Hill emphasizes that time and consistency is key to success. 

“Start off with believing in yourself,” Hill said. “You’re going to encounter some barriers and some blockages along the way. If you’re trying to build something sustainable, understand that that’s going to take time. You’re definitely going to have to put a lot of effort into fulfilling a plan so go at your own pace.” 

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