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Program Gives Corcoran Students a Chance to Experience College

Story by Tonisha Gunn, a senior at Corcoran High School On Thursday, March 24, 2011, students from Corcoran High School attended Syracuse University’s “A Day at SU.” Students were able to attend classes and experience life at SU for a day. The event was hosted by SyraMatics, a nonprofit group on Syracuse University’s campus, according to Michael Foulkes, president and ... Read More »

Graduating Senior Believes Art is Power

Corcoran High School graduating senior Lennard Streat dreams of using his artistic talent to give back to the community. The 17-year-old is willing to donate the time and material to paint a mural in the South Side of Syracuse as a form a neighborhood revitalization. “Art is something people take lightly, but it impacts them in a big way,” Streat ... Read More »

Elmwood Park

By Kumasi Knight, Community Correspondent A group of neighborhood volunteers and Corcoran High School students pulled weeds, yanked tree branches and cleared fields at Elmwood Park on a windy Saturday morning in an effort to revive the park. “These parks here have terrific potential,” said Patty Weisse, of the Baltimore Woods Nature Center. “With the price of gas going up, ... Read More »

Leading the Way to Engineering

A new grant-funded program at Corcoran High School aims to inspire students to pursue engineering careers. Project Lead the Way is a math and science college preparatory program featuring two courses that introduce high school students to the field of engineering. Students in the program are also eligible to earn up to three college credits. Read More »

Corcoran Curator

Paul Grace finds his place as official historian at his alma mater Twelve-year-old Paul Grace was stamping down the halls of newly opened Corcoran High School with his Boy Scout troop on the way to the swimming pool one Saturday night in the mid-1960s. Before he got to the water, though, the roar of the basketball game raging in the ... Read More »

Mentors of Manhood Help Youth Catch Dreams

Xavier Canty wants to experience the feeling of saving someone’s life. Tremaine Williams, who wrestles, wishes to repay all the physical therapists who repaired his injuries. And Delvon Shepherd, a 200-pound middle linebacker, escapes by writing stories and poetry. In Corcoran High School, there are plenty of students like these three. Some want to be teachers. Others want their own ... Read More »

Corcoran Graduate Speaks at Peace Conference

Le Moyne College played host to the Central New York Peace Studies Consortium’s 21st annual Peace Studies Conference Saturday, Nov. 14. The theme of this year’s conference was “Youth, Drugs, Violence and Gangs: Global, national and local challenges.” Panel discussions covered issues such as developing peaceful learning environments, group building, education in detention centers and reintegrating prisoners into the community. Read More »

Corcoran's New Schedule Lacking

Delvon Shepherd doesn’t understand why Corcoran High School no longer lets him stay after class for extra help from his teachers. “They eliminated all after-school activities except for sports,” the 15-year-old junior said. Read More »