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Remembering a South Side Mom

For Mother’s Day, daughter reflects on all Donna Reese accomplished Dear Mom, you were the Queen of the South Side. Kobe of Syracuse — Icon , Legend, mentor and inspiration to many. Tammy with her mother Donna Reese. Though I know you were all of these phenomenal things, to me you were just mom. A superwoman mom, but still just …

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Life Back on Track

Vision and hearing tests are the first step for people who want to maintain independence Carolyn Stanley has been losing her hearing for years. She is at the point where communicating with her family is getting too difficult. When she learned that Aurora of Central New York Inc. was offering free vision and hearing tests, she hurried to the Mary …

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After losing sight, Donna Reese adapts and brings her message to others

Donna Reese said she used to have problems with both her night vision and her peripheral vision, but she didn’t think about it much. Then, one night, driving home from work, she found she had trouble seeing. Reese, former president of Syracuse’s chapter of the NAACP, blamed it on simply being tired.

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