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Civil Service

If you had to serve, would your perspective on policing change? Make police service compulsory for every American. Don’t study it. Don’t overthink it. Just take the plunge. Will it magically fix every cop-related conflict? Of course not. But in one giant leap of civic spirit, we’ll vault past the division between police and public by simply eliminating it. A two- ... Read More »

Rodney King to George Floyd

This great nation under one beautiful law sometimes reminds me of a dog startled by one of its own farts. The dog wheels around but can’t comprehend what  happened much less why. Then it shrugs off  the perturbation and moves on — until the next time. So here we go again, frantically searching for the source of our self-generated flatulence. ... Read More »

Running on Fumes

Drive-thru Dunkin’ would have to relocate when I-81 viaduct comes down There’s a glimmer of hope for the popular Dunkin’ double drive-thru at Almond and Water streets. But here’s the catch. Once the I-81 overpass comes down, assuming it does, the store might stand somewhere else. “They told us they can just pick it up and move it someplace else,” ... Read More »

CNY Triathlon Club Relocates

After eviction from ShoppingTown Mall, club finds home for winter training in Dunk & Bright’s basement A low-cost indoor cycling experience has arrived on the South Side just in time to help vaporize extra holiday calories and spin away the winter blahs. Dunk & Bright Furniture on South Salina Street became home to more than home furnishings in November after ... Read More »