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Observing Juneteenth

On his first visit to Syracuse’s annual celebration, our columnist puts locals’ loyalty to the test Read More »

What a Wonderful Juneteenth Celebration When You Bring History to Life

Juneteenth is a celebration of pride, heritage, culture, history, knowledge, spirit, energy and talent that culminates into a vision of hope to preserve the past for the future. Juneteenth was established because Texas slaves were not told that they had been emancipated in 1863. Instead, they were informed two and half years later that they were free. This jubilation prompted ... Read More »

Juneteenth Celebration About Fun, Awareness

Syracuse’s Juneteenth celebration attracts mostly locals, but some traveled much farther than down the street to join in the annual festival celebrating African-American heritage. Exzabia Pointer and Tatiyana Alston, dancers with the Approaching Storm Marching Band, drove five hours from Brooklyn with about 30 of their fellow band members to participate in the parade down Salina Street held June 16th. ... Read More »

Juneteenth Q&As

Brenda Muhammad, The Stand Community Correspondent, visited the 2012 Juneteenth Celebration Saturday, June 16, in Clinton Square, to chat with attendees. Here she shares a handful of Q&As with those who attended, volunteered or worked at the annual celebration, starting with 8-year-old Denim Hall. Read More »

Parade Welcomes Freedom Day

Annual Juneteenth Celebration begins with Visions of Victory Parade With the sun showing a broad smile, Ty Gainey placed his lawn chair in prime real estate: under the shade of his tent. He had a dual purpose in mind for being at that strategic location: to beat the rising mercury and to not miss a bit of the 2012 Visions ... Read More »

Juneteenth Celebration Set for June 16

Valerie Hill is the organizer of the “Vision of Victory” parade for Syracuse’s annual Juneteenth celebration. This is something she has done for the past three years. She and the Juneteenth organizers have been working diligently to create this year’s commemoration. They believe success is defined by the participation of a wide spectrum of the Syracuse community — people of ... Read More »

Q&As From Juneteenth

The Dunbar court is chosen based on essays written by the students at the center, their attitude in class and how they treat others. The winners are then announced at the Gala in May. This year’s Mr. Dunbar, Jyair Crouch, and his mother, Tarea Crouch, along with other 2011 Juneteenth attendees, vendors and volunteers answered The Stand’s Q&As. Read More »

What a Beautiful Sunny Day to Celebrate Freedom

Cheryl Dixon-Hills shares her perspective of Juneteenth The sunshine, warm breeze and spirit of the day gave an awesome start to the annual celebration of Juneteenth. Juneteenth is held annually in Clinton Square and Jubilee Park to recognize the emancipation of slaves in Louisiana and Texas, who were the last American slaves freed. Read More »

The Emancipation Continues as African American’s Celebrate Juneteenth

A parade, music, food & healthcare highlight the 2011 Juneteenth Celebration “In order to move forward into the present, we have to know our past,” said organizer Barbara Mattison. The 2011 Juneteenth celebration almost did not happen because of financial difficulties, but the community and sponsors pulled together to make this year’s Juneteenth a reality. Read More »