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Delivered From A Snare By Julius Lawrance COVID-19, like a snareA hidden trapWhich catches its preyEach and every wayCOVID-19, like a wildfireConsumes in every waySpreads quickly every dayDry and woody land Furiously spreading like sandCOVID-19, a disaster it standsA natural catastrophe inlandCauses great damageAs it goesCOVID-19, virulentExtreme severeHarmful in its effectsBitterly hostile to the touchHard to describeCOVID-19, viciouslyDeliberately cruelUnable to control ... Read More »

Poem: Mr. George Floyd

5/25/20  I Wonder  What was in his mind when he woke up that morning?  I Wonder  What was in his mind when he climbed out of bed that morning?  I Wonder  What was in his mind when he washed his face and brushed his teeth that morning?  I Wonder  What was he thinking when he ate his breakfast that morning?  ... Read More »


Having a Relationship with a Cigarette With you In you I am yours I am you                                                                                       What’s so sad is Oh, How I love the way                                               I’ll be there for you You cough                                                                    Even when you’re gone And my name comes out                                                                                                                              I am you At times                                                                        I will be you I can be too much                                                    At times ... Read More »


Salt City Salt City Syracuse, You dwell in Mid State,You are used for testing new products,Rebuild, rebuild where you are,15th Ward East, South Side of town,81 came it decimated you,No Home you no more,81, Upstate Med is now,What is the emotion of families you dislodged,Highway robbery some may say,Hundreds of families—many of color,Forced to relocate, nowhere to go. Now it ... Read More »

Haiku Workshop Coming up this Saturday, March 3

On Saturday, March 3, the Syracuse Poster Project will collaborate with The Stand for the second year in a row to present the South Side poetry workshop. The workshop, which will take place from 10 a.m. to noon at the South Side Communication Center, is a free event designed to help people with their Haiku writing technique. Read More »

Where I'm From…

Spoken Word Poetry by Liz Mills, Corcoran High School Junior Read More »

Poetry by Jasmine Price

Like Liberty Why can’t I be like the wind? Listlessly sliding and gliding through the trees I long to embody the breeze Swirling and sighing silently where ever I please Read More »

Poetry by Michael Ryan

If only I knew what poetry was, I’d write you and spill my soul. I’d share what I felt, you’d see what I see, our connection being the only goal. Read More »