One Nation

At First Glance:

The mic, in a sonic wail, gave out feedback. The band’s front man is not intimidated. He looks out at the patchy-filled seats and laughs. After about two songs, he makes an announcement, “Hello everybody. My name is Eric ‘Love’ Jones and

One Nation, the six-man funk band, delivered a crowd attracting performance at the NYS Fair. Shown from left to right, Jamar Lacey, drums; Eric “Love” Jones, lead vocalist; Nick Mandarino, lead guitar; Bernie Williford, keyboard; Tony Brown, vocalist/founder, and Gill Copes, bass. | Ruthnie Angrand, Staff Photo

I … am a fool.” Contagious laughter trickles through the tent. Not even a verse later, One Nation is funking out a Cameo cover, “Word Up,” to a dancing Congo line gathering outside of the tent.


The Band:

One Nation, formed by member Tony Brown, is a funk-filled all male set consisting of a mid-range lead vocal, lead guitar, bass, percussion and drummer. Members of this band have played together one to four years.


Nick Mandarino – Lead Guitar

Eric “Love” Jones – Lead Vocalist

Tony Brown – Vocals / Percussion

Jamar Lacey – Drums

Gill “Gilt Man” Copes – Bass

Bernie Williford – Keyboard


The Sound:

“Funk. We can turn anything into funk. We have fun funking,” described vocalist/percussionist Tony Brown. Funk, the popular sound of local bands, is clearly the performance-driving fervor behind One Nation’s performances. Take away leads with Nick Mandarino and lively dialogue from vocalist Eric ”Love” Jones edge off a solid performance where any member can command a solo.


Take away songs of the night:

Spencer Davis “I’m a Man”

Cameo “Word Up”

Funkadelic “One Nation”


Contacts: Catch Them Through Tony Brown


Audience moments:

Lead Vocalist Eric “Love” and Lead Guitarist Nick Madarino’s dialogue and quick jabs