Highlights from Literacy Parade

Everyone had fun at the Fifth annual Light a Candle for Literacy Parade and Festival held Saturday, June 5. The weather was perfect and spirits were high as they walked holding banners, chanting and waving at families watching from their windows and porches. Some of the kids tossed candy for the neighborhood children to enjoy.

The event started off at Beauchamp Library, where 70 plus men, women and children paraded to Danforth Middle School to start-off the event. Organizations such as Upstate Medical and Literacy Volunteer were there to support the occasion. Other programs in attendance included Syracuse Healthy Start, CNY Works and On Point for College. The event also featured performances from local dancers, singers and musical talent from youth band members, too.

Volunteers and kids were more than happy to share their views on this spectacular event.

“The bigger venue is great,” said Patricia Mautino, president of Onondaga County Public Library Foundation. “It’s my third time coming, and the library supports the initiation. Also, the commitment that they have to reading.” She also explained that “it’s a family event!”

She enjoys seeing the guidance from the parents on what books their kids should pick out to read.” Tonaisa Hurt, 11, who attends Danforth Middle School said, while showcasing a display on the effects of tobacco, that it was her first time attending the event.

“Some of my favorite books are mystery books such as ‘Harriet the Spy,'” she shared. When asked what she planned to do with her summer Tonaisa explained that she planned to join the library summercamp at her church.

Linda Ervin, a county legislator, said that it was her second year in attendance. With a smile she said that she “enjoys that the kids are in a safe environment” and that the annual event “reinforces that reading is important.”

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