Just Add Lights for a Chemical Reaction

A dash of the light of divine inspiration with a heady dose of perseverance, when combined the elements of the reaction bubble fervently. The mixture boils, the heat of this reaction nearly melting the paint from the walls. The house lights of the Palace Theater drop down cloaking the space leaving only a focused beam of light, completing the reaction and illuminating Khym as she enters.

Khym, a rising R&B talent, was in the Palace Theater on the evening of July 30 to perform in support of her newly released CD titled “Believe in Me” presented by Palm Tree Records.

Already a well-seasoned veteran of sound and stage, Khym began her musical journey at a young age. She began as a participant in a church choir and progressed to writing and recording her own songs at the tender age of 11.

“Growing up in my household I was always exposed to music, my parents are musical people” Khym stated when asked what was the driving force to create music in her life.

“It takes a lot of self discipline,” she added, reflecting on the sacrifices she has made thus far in the development of her blossoming R&B career.

Her latest venture, the “Believe in Me” album is a strong effort consisting of 10 well crafted tracks. The album features the single “Chemistry of Love.” A sonic chemist in her own right, Khym said the single is representative of the complexities of love.

Khym leads her band in prayer before the July 30 show at Palace Theater

“Love is so many pieces, so many elements complete the word love,” she said, expanding on the personal meaning of this song in her own life.

The events of the summer evening were kicked off by master of ceremonies and comedian, Gari “G-Funk” Fields. Fields, hailing from Rochester, opened up the night’s performance with a rousing stand up routine, closing his own performance and introducing the Palace crowd to Khym.

Showing the poise of an ancient queen, Khym strode through the Palace Theater taking her place center stage, commanding the full attention of the crowd. The strength of her voice in combination with her backing band and vocalists broke forth from the stage. And in the changing light of the Palace Theater, the chemical reaction is complete, yielding the joy of a young performer learning what the combination of well-chosen elements can produce.


-– Story and photos by Jeremiah Howell

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