Letters to the Editor

I am writing for REACH CNY in response to “Words of Wisdom: Catholic Charities aims to educate Hispanic girls on teen pregnancy.”

REACH CNY collaborates with Latinamigas through our Syracuse Community Services Project. Although REACH believes in comprehensive sex education, we believe that successful teen pregnancy prevention can and should include varied philosophies and approaches. Thank you for recognizing Conchita Mazorra and this valuable program. Abstinence education and youth development opportunities play an important part in Latinamigas’ efforts to prevent teen pregnancy.

While abstinence from sexual activity is an important option for young people, REACH would like to clarify that educating teens about condom use and effectiveness does not promote sexual activity. Numerous studies have shown that youth who participate in programs that make condoms available and/or give accurate information about birth control (including condoms) have either no increase in sexual behavior or actually decrease or delay sexual activity.

REACH CNY and their partners provide evidence based programming that is proven to reduce teen pregnancy. If you would like to learn more, please contact REACH CNY at 424-0009, or jarras@reachcny.org or ebortel@reachcny.org.

Thank you.

Jane Arras
Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program Manager, REACH CNY
Submitted Nov. 29, 2010



My son was participating in the Syracuse City School’s Oratory Contest over the weekend. That’s where I ran across The Stand. I felt I had to take a moment to commend Ms. Kang and the rest of the staff on the amazing publication. It’s informative, community focused, and easy to read.

You’ve got to get this out (laundromats, grocery stores, barber shops, etc.) so more people can enjoy it. Thanks for showing my neighborhood, the South Side, in a positive light.

Yolanda Flowers
Submitted Nov. 15, 2010

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