No Such Thing as a Free Lunch?

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

Lunch was not the only thing that was free Saturday, Aug. 4, at Masjid Abdullah Muslim, located at 127 W. Brighton Ave. The community received the gift of a Ramadan Act of Giving sponsored by the International League of Muslim Women in conjunction with Focusing Our Resources for Community Enlightenment, United Way of Central New York – Gifts In Kind Program, Abdullah Muslim Islamic Center and individual donors who combined their efforts for the day of giving.

Tunurah Barbour

“This is the month of Ramadan for the Muslims,” explained Tunura Barbour, president of The International League of Muslim Women, Inc. Syracuse, NY Chapter. “It is the month of fasting for the sake of God. There are many Muslims who cannot fast for many reasons, such as illness, the elderly, pregnant women, those traveling more than sixty miles, and Muslims on medications. A Muslim expiates this obligation by feeding a person for each day of the fast. We are serving takeout meals to the community at large and giving away household items.”

The community was able to help themselves to donated items such as clothing, toiletries, toys, etc. Red Cross and FEMA disaster preparedness literature was also available. Even with the excruciating heat, the event was well attended and appreciated.

One attendee remarked, “I was burned out of my apartment and have been staying in a shelter. I just found out that I have an apartment and these items will help me start over.” Another attendee shared that they had a baby on the way and were happy to receive free baby items.

Volunteer Najla Abdullah


John picks out an art carving at the give-a-way.

— Article and photos by Brenda Muhammad, The Stand Community Correspondent


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