Why I Joined The Stand

And why you should, too

From the very first workshop I attended for The Stand, I knew that I was on the cusp of a life-changing experience. I was introduced to The Stand through its director, Ashley Kang, who sent out a slew of emails to drum up interest in the newspaper project.

Ame Donkor

I’ve enjoyed writing since I was a kid. I saw contributing to The Stand as an opportunity to exercise my talent and to travel around the local area. I was excited about meeting the residents, business owners and politicians. I really wanted a better idea of this new city that I had come to.

By attending the free workshops and learning the writing styles, interviewing techniques and photography lessons, it all came together.

Although I’m leaving Syracuse, I’d definitely like to see more people from the South Side community contribute their views and positivity on what is happening in this part of the city.

The idea is that the newspaper will eventually be handed over to the community to be run as a locally owned and operated publication. I’d like to check out the news at The Stand’s website, mysouthsidestand.com, in the coming years and read stories written by South Side youth reporting about friends, neighbors and relatives … and about the good things that are happening in their part of the city.



— By Ame Donkor, The Stand community correspondent from 2010 to 2011