Been There, Done That, Got the T-shirt, Bought an iPod Touch

We have all heard the phrase, “Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.”

Well Hafsa Jaleelah Muhammad not only got the T-shirt, she also has a brand new iPod Touch with a Hello Kitty case. You might wonder where Hafsa has been, what her T-shirt says and how she got the iPod. Hafsa has been to the South Side Innovation Center (SSIC). What she has done was attend the one-week Student Entrepreneurial Experience project, known as Project SEE, sponsored by the SSIC and Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management.

Hafsa exclaimed, “I went to Entrepreneurship camp for a week, and we had to write up a business plan and come up with a PowerPoint [presentation] about what our business is going to be. My team won the competition, and we got $500 each in a gift card at Target.”

Project SEE’s 20 students were formed into four teams each consisting of five students. The teams were challenged to develop a project, create a business plan and present that plan in a class competition. Hafsa’s team project was the victor over the other three teams.

“Our project was solar LED lights for parking lots,” Muhammad explained. “The sun in the daytime will charge up the batteries, so in the night time it would be less energy and it will light up the parking lot bright.”

When asked if she had used her Target gift card, Hafsa said, “I still have some left. I got an iPad Touch, a bed set and I got a couple shirts.” This will add to Muhammad’s growing shirt collection, which we now know includes a Student Entrepreneurial Experience T-shirt.



— By Brenda Muhammad, The Stand Community Correspondent


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