MISSION: As a voice of the South Side community of Syracuse, The Stand newspaper inspires community conversations by inviting residents to share their stories. Our goal is to have a positive impact on the community by providing opportunities for residents and students to gain journalism skills.

VISION: To be the media anchor for the community we serve.

The paper is the brainchild of the South Side Newspaper Project, a collaboration of the South Side Community Coalition, Syracuse University and a number of dedicated South Side community residents.

Regular contributors to The Stand can become community reporters. In order to join The Stand’s team, residents can participate in Journalism Workshops and then join the editorial leadership in building the paper.

With the community’s help, we will continually improve The Stand and contribute to the South Side community.

The views expressed in The Stand are not necessarily those of the entire staff. The Stand welcomes submissions from all members of Syracuse’s South Side but retains the right to publish only material The Stand deems acceptable to the publication’s editorial purpose and in keeping with community standards.

The Stand does its best to ensure that all content is accurate, timely and complete. If you have a particular complaint about something you have found on the website, contact ashley@mysouthsidestand.com.